The Management

At GlitraBit the Management is a dedicated Team committed to driving intensely beneficial, fast and secure GBit services to people worldwide. The team is monitoring the system around the clock to ensure that every protocol is followed and all rules and regulations are adhered to. The team is also fully committed to the user ensuring transparency and compliance. It is the vision of the GlitraBit Founders to make GlitraBit one of the best performing digital currencies in the coming years.


The GlitraBit wallet is one of the most potent and powerful “Wallet Strings” in the business today. Exchange is a critical part of our industry and each GlitraBit user has the opportunity to become an exchanger. Armed with a vision to make GlitraBit a global giant in the digital currency business we have been servicing users and merchants alike with renewed vigour.


Digital currency has been around for a over a decade now and has now gathered a lot of traction in recent years. There has been much talk on the adverse impact of digital currency potentiated by the existing financial ecosystems. However, with the massive adoption of internet connectivity and the usage of digital platforms for financial transactions the potential for digital currency’s like GlitraBit has increased multi-fold. The Regulatory challenges related to digital currencies are mainly linked to the anonymity of transactions and the decentralization of financial dealings. The authorities have moved in to monitor and prevent the possibilities of using digital currencies for dubious activities. Every digital currency has unique differentiations and all the existing currencies in the market should be assessed by regulators based on its individual differentiators. To discourage individuals from engaging in dubious activities, GlitraBit monitors its clients and implements rules aligned with the prevailing legal updations. The KYC (know-your-customer) rules implemented by GlitraBit helps us prevent money laundering, identity theft, financial fraud and terrorist financing.


To do business globally it is imperative that a sophisticated international customer identification and verification solution is put in place by every business. The KYC policy implemented by Glitra includes identifying the user and verifying the identity by examining reliable and independent documents. Each user goes through a authentication procedure, each time an identity check is done when a transaction or exchange is initiated. GlitraBit is among the first few digital currencies storing the KYC documents of its users in its new wallet strings.

Audit Reports

GlitraBit is a frontrunner in submitting its Wallet string to an audit by an external, independent auditor. The audit assess the consistency of the Wallet string and verifies that no GBit is purchased outside of the wallet string, this ensures consistency in all existing transactions in the wallet string i.e. that each Wallet follows the previous one and that there is no error in the Wallet sequence. Automatic tests are performed in order to verify the transactions and their compliance with existing objectives. Each member while transacting is able to see the exact number of GBits being transacted in real-time and the audit verifies the accuracy of the data displayed.