Glitra is an adaptation of “Glitter” which means "To sparkle with light or to shine brilliantly". Just like Light, Glitra is a source of illumination, every person who joins Glitra is destined to shine, such is our design that once a person joins our system, we assist him at every stage and ensure that he ultimately becomes Financially free. is your premier source for everything GlitraBit is your premier source for everything GlitraBit related. You can also read the latest news, or engage with the community on our GlitraBit Forum. Please keep in mind that this is a commercial website that exchanges GlitraBit and other related Transactions.

What is GlitraBit

GlitraBit is a decentralized digital currency which enables easy and immediate payments and exchanges globally. Our powerful and highly secure technology infrastructure empowers individuals to control their own finances. GlitraBit has an increased transaction speed and a state of art storage capability.

Each GlitraBit is a unique digital unit which is initially “purchased” like any other commodity. The terms Glitra and GlitraBit are absolutely same, as per conditions. GlitraBit is the dividend unit of the Glitra system. It is impossible for any source to access the GlitraBit system, and neither can anyone extract GlitraBit from outside the system from any other source.

The GlitraBits available are finite in number, unlike the currencies issued by the governments around the world, thus GlitraBit cannot be affected by inflation and it is impossible to counterfeit the GlitraBit. Since digital currencies are decentralized and not governed by any particular country or central bank, the value of the GlitraBit depends on its demand, supply and exchangeability.

A GlitraBit user becomes part of the global network of GlitraBit buyers, who use their GlitraBits in innumerable ways to exchange or transact. When you buy a GlitraBit you can generate a lot of benefits from its value like making payments, receiving and transferring money from and to any part of the world connected to the internet.

The GlitraBit wallet is amazingly simple and unique wallet string which stores KYC (Know your customer) information, works around the clock and can be customized to customer and merchant needs.

In simple words, digital currency is a code with monetary value. In its most basic form, GlitraBit is a digital number. GlitraBit can be exchanged like normal currencies such as the USD, but its design is tailored for the purpose of exchanging digital information governed by certain principles. These principles are used to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new GlitraBit.