The GlitraBit Advantage

GlitraBit is a new and exciting peer-to-peer Internet currency through which you can make instant, and almost no- cost payments to anyone in the world. GlitraBit’s open-source payment system is completely decentralized and allows individuals to control their own finances. GlitraBit has a super quick transaction confirmation time and enhanced storage efficiency which complements its extensive business support and transaction volume.

What is Glitra

GlitraBit is new and exciting digital currency, it lets you exchange money and conduct financial transactions in different ways.

How to Distribute

Buy GlitraBit wallet, transact (send or shop), store your GlitraBit and receive currency.

Safe & Secure

GlitraBit is difficult to counterfeit because its decentralized systems based on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.


No idea What’s going on?

Glitra is received, stored and sent using software known as
Glitra Wallet, which is available for free.

Download Presentation

Get brief ideas about various plans of Glitra


Get brief ideas about various plans of Glitra

Time to Buy Glitra

Every registered user can buy or exchange Glitra

Knowledge Base

Find an answer to any Glitra - related question



Make your fortune with GlitraBit, check current exchange rates and make your profit from buying/selling bits.



Gilitrabit is unbelievably simple, all you have to do is to

Download GLITRA Wallet App for your PC

Android, or IOS to Create, send and receive glitra-bit. Glitra offers you the luxury of creating several wallets for a single account.

Add GLITRA-BITS to Your Wallet

Afetr Downloading the app you just need to can add the Glitra-bits you’ve previously created or exchanged using your credit card.

Send/Receive with Wallet

The process of sending glitra-bits is exceedingly simple, all youhave to do is to enter receiver's glitra-bit address, specify the amount, confirm address and send.

Safe & Secure

Trust us, keeping your funds safe is our utmost priority. We have used cutting edge technology to make this the most secure system in the business.

Direct Exchange

You can exchange your glitra-bit instantly and without any extra charges.

Professional Support

We offer around the clock Professional Support for our Members.

Mobile Apps

Our Application is State of Art and Faultlessly Developed to Optimize Opportunities

Individual Wallet

Glitra’s Wallet is user Friendly and Extremely Secure.

Repeated Purchases

Glitra Enables Repeated or Multiple Transactions by Just Clicking.

Get fully featured, convenient wallet

Glitra wallet is a perfect solution for your storage needs.